Stimulation Products

The STIMGUN® technology is best understood as an engineered job design process that integrates the use of the products with computer modeling known as PulsFrac™ and using the high speed gauge for data acquisition. That is where the science gives STIMGUN® the advantage. Unlike others, the STIMGUN® technology takes into account well fluids, well mechanics and rock properties to select the optimum tool for each application.

Note - the 2 main differences between our product and our competitors, other than our wide range of tools we offer, are:

  1. 1. We consider safety the number 1 concern. The computer model we use is a finite difference, time marching, full physics model (no type curves). The model has been improved and validated over 20 years with over 2000 high speed data records. Among other things, the model calculates: tool jump, tension on wire line, tension/compression on packer and tubing, pressure differentials around packer, casing, perforating gun body, tubing, bridge plugs etc., fluid injection rates, casing expansion, perforating breakdown and cleanup, frac extension and skin factor change.

  2. 2. We do not exaggerate the frac length. The frac lengths are realistically calculated by the computer model and again have been validated by wells were the distance to water contact is known, well tests, surface block tests and limited mine back studies. The frac length is not the most important factor. Most of the well improvement comes from the perf breakdown and cleanup. The pressure pulse injects a turbulent mixture of the wellbore fluid and the burn products (injection rates are also calculated). This high injection rate and the subsequent flow pack produce better flowing perf tunnels.

The STIMGUN® family of products currently consist of three tool configurations:

  • STIMGUN® assembly, a special molded sleeve of proprietary propellant material (resembles PVC pipe) that is placed over a scalloped perforating gun assembly, which allows perforation and near wellbore stimulation, all at one time. This can be run on TCP, Wireline or Coil and is available in multiple OD’s.

  • STIMTUBE® tool consists of a molded tube of proprietary propellant material which has an inner metal perforated tube that is loaded with a 40 gr/ft detonating cord. Available in multiple OD’s, it is run on Wireline, in wellbores that have already been perforated. STIMTUBE® is positioned across these perforations so when the propellant is ignited, creates a quick burst of high pressure.

  • KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System™ is available in a specially designed 2-3/4", 3-1/8" and 3-3/8" OD 5 spf perforating systems. Also the new 4-1/2” 4 spf scalloped gun systems is available. The propellant disks are inserted in between the Premium Owen Perforating Charges. Some are actually running the newest technology, HERO®-PerFRAC™ Perforators. Sold only as a complete, tested and proven system, KODIAK allows the patented enhanced perforation and near well bore stimulation, all in one operation.

These products allow for maximum stimulation design flexibility for a wide range of well applications. With each of these products, production/injection enhancement is accomplished through perforation breakdown and near wellbore stimulation.

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