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The Continuous Cutting Overshot is used to cut and retrieve continuous tubing that have been parted, stuck, and/or abandoned in the wellbore. The tool consists of a Top Sub, Bowl, Guide, Shearable Slip Bowl, Grapple and Cutting Grapples Operation.

Cutting Overshot

The Continuous Cutting Overshot is attached on the fishing string, lowered to the top of the fish and then stripped over to the desired depth. To initiate the cut, simply pick up on the work string, to set the grapple and shear the shear screws. This will force the cutting grapples into the fish, shearing it in two and leaving a clean top for further retrieval or entry for wireline equipment. The overpull to cut the coil is only 25-30% of the yield of the tubing being cut (this can vary due to well bore friction, spalling of cutting grapple blades, etc.). The overshot is not a releasable tool for upward travel, but it can be released to travel down hole (providing the shear screws have not been sheared). Simply bump down sharply to release the grapple and continue to the desired depth.


  • Ability to Cut & Retrieve Coil Tubing Successfully
  • Friendly Assembly Design
  • Easy Set Up Calculations for Successful Cuts

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