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The FDL Hydraulic Disconnect tool is essential in releasing the coil tubing from the tool string if the string has become stuck while in the wellbore. The FDL Hydraulic Disconnect is designed to achieve this requirement, but is also designed to give the ultimate resistance in tensional and torsional stresses that occur while jarring or milling.

Hydraulic Disconnect

If it becomes necessary to disconnect, a ball is pumped to the disconnect, then an increase in pump pressure allows the locking piston to shift, shearing the brass shear screws and allowing the load piston to move out from under the body collets. After a drop in the pump pressure, retrieval from the stuck string is possible. The bottom sub is the only part of the disconnect that is left in the hole and it has an internal "GS" fishing neck for future fishing procedures.


  • Robust Design for CT Drilling or Fishing Operations
  • Industry Standard Internal GS Fishing Profile
  • Easily Serviced
  • Patent # 5,526,888

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