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The Venturi Jet Junk Basket is used to retrieve junk from the wellbore. When fluid is pumped through the coil tubing to the Venturi, nozzles direct the flow to the OD of the tool toward the bottom, a vacuum is created in the Venturi chamber and fluid and debris is drawn into the bottom of the tool. A debris screen is located between the Venturi chamber and the cages that will hold the debris inside the tool.

Venturi Jet Junk Basket

The cages are used to trap the debris from falling out, and the screen prevents it from recirculating around the ports. The volume of the debris chamber may be enlarged by the addition of extensions between the cage housing and the screen housing. The nozzles are replaceable to achieve any possible ratio of flow rate and psi combination. The Cage Housing on the bottom of the tool can also be dressed with carbide for milling or washing over a fish. The housings are also available with CS threads. An important feature of the Venturi is that it is not dependent on the hole size to work. The rate of the Venturi action is much higher than the pump rate, no matter the hole size and nitrogen can be used without damaging the tool. The Venturi can be run with or without a mud motor.


  • Successful Wellbore Debris Removal Tool
  • Functions Independent of Borehole Sizes
  • Operates in Horizontal or Vertical Wellbores

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