SST-SPAN® Systems - Tubing Casing Technologies

The suspension X-SPAN® incorporates a uniquely engineered surface on the exterior of the X-SPAN® element that allows for extremely high hanging capacities and the large ID after setting is a big advantage when it comes to production restrictions and subsequent wellbore accessibility. This system can be customized to fit an assortment of tools and is easily deployed with our conventional hydraulic or explosive setting equipment.


  • Increased I.D. over conventional hanger systems
  • Multiple crossover connection options and applications
  • Large I.D. for increased production and wellbore accessibility
  • Allows for extremely high hanging weight capabilities
  • X-SPAN® suspension systems can be engineered to include Liners, Sand Control Screens, Velocity Strings, Profile Nipples and/or Sliding Sleeves are just a few of the possible options.

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