X-SPAN® Systems - Tubing Casing Technologies


The Owen Oil Tools Tubing/Casing Patch uses multi-dimensional metal-to-metal X-SPAN® Technology to provide a permanent seal over perforations and to stop leaks of all types.


Our patches can be run in any type of well including horizontal, multilateral, slim hole, monobore, or geothermal. X-SPAN® Technology is economical and reliable when used for water shut off or zonal isolation applications. The large bore assures easy passage of Magna Range bridge plugs, logging tools, coiled tubing tools, and perforating systems.


  • Water shut-off / zonal isolation
  • Seals leaking liner tops
  • Velocity strings
  • Sump packers
  • Liner hangers
  • Suspension of gravel pack screens
  • Large ID PBR’s

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  • Cutters Wireline - Rocky Mountains
  • PENGO Wireline - California
  • Tiger Cased Hole Services - California
  • TIMCO Wireline - Appalachian Basin
    • * Marcellus Utica Shale
  • Thru-Tubing System - So. Louisiana
  • Dialog Wireline - Texas
  • Pryor Packers - Mississippi

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