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PROMORE is an unrivalled leader in the application of permanent well monitoring systems. Working closely with operators we help them have a better understanding of their downhole process by providing crucial data.

We have maintained a "fit for application" approach that has been innovative in product development and installation methodologies. This approach has made us the leader in land based or dry tree applications of permanent monitoring. These same advantages have made our products well suited for subsea completions.

We are Your Eyes to the Reservoir™

Our advanced surface electronics in conjunction with the industry unique ERD™ sensor eliminates the need for downhole electronic components. This combination allows for marked improvement in both reliability and high temperature capability in extreme operating environments. Instrumentation devices can be conveyed on tubing, casing, suspended or integrated into the patented coil-tubing (CT-MORE) System. We are the only company that offers a sensor package capable of long-term monitoring to 300°C (572°F).

We differentiate ourself in the industry by:

  • Having the best reliability in the industry
  • No downhole electronics
  • Highest temperature rating
  • Flexibility and ease of use (fit for purpose)

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