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ERD Technology

ERD™ Version "C" and MOREVision

Over the years, we have been constantly improving key technologies to provide our customers with high quality reliable data. This next generation encompasses over 14 years of research and development initiatives, and millions of hours of in-situ reservoir experience.


ERD™ Version "C" Sensors operate on the same fundamental principles as all other versions of the ERD sensors "Zero Downhole Electronics".

MOREVision is the next generation of data acquisition system available; it is designed specifically for the Version "C" Sensors. This system is both surface and subsea compatible and compliant.

The following are key highlights from this new and exciting technology which we believe will outperform any electronic or non-electronic gauge in the world.

Our ERD Technology Key Features
  • High Pressure and or High Temperature Well Technology
    • Increase in signal strength, system can monitor wellbores up to 30,000 feet (9,150 meters)
    • Very stable over a large range or pressure and temperatures
    • Better accuracies are available, 0.03% F.S Higher temperature ratings available, now to 300°C
    • Reduction of sensor housings to 1.0" (25.4mm)
    • Increase in shock and vibration resistance
  • Automatic Technician / Autonomous Feature
    • Provide dynamic sensor excitation to adjust to well depth, cable type and cable temperature
    • Advance the detection of lost sensor readings to reduce data spikes to the client
    • Dynamically adjust analysis effort to secure data
    • Provide loop integrity detection
    • Build in system diagnostic measurements to monitor signal to noise ratios and wave form decay rates

ERD Technology

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