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Intelligent Wells

Intelligent Wells

Intelligent wells or Intelligent Wells, are loosely classified in today's convention. In general, most of what we do is related to Intelligent wells; from the monitoring of pressure, temperature, vibration and flow to pump control, all are components of an Intelligent well.

Our more advanced technology in regards to Intelligence downhole technology are classified in three products:

  • ZoneBoss™ Monitoring
  • Isolation and Control System
  • EXCAPE℠ and True Depth™

Core Lab and Packers Plus Energy Services have joined forces to provide a monitoring,control and isolation system to assist operators in optimizing their operations. The focus of the product line is cost effective solutions to intelligent wells.

ZoneBoss™ Monitoring, and Isolation and Control System, represents an integration of "Best-in-Class" reliability in downhole electronics-free real-time pressure and temperature instrumentation provided by our company, in conjunction with "World-Class" open hole isolation and control components provided by Packers Plus Energy Services.

ZoneBoss™ Monitoring, and Isolation and Control System provides a sensible approach for operators that are evaluating methods to enhance well productivity and establish a new understanding of the potential rewards of intelligent well completions.

The real-time data provided by ZoneBoss™ can be used to understand multizone or horizontal well pressure and temperature profiles using multi-point pressure/temperature sensors and distributed temperature Fibre optic sensors.

The overall mandate of ZoneBoss™ is to provide much needed zonal isolation, control and monitoring
to mitigate multizone and horizontal well production problems while maintaining cost sensibility in
land-based and offshore operating environments

True Depth™ is directly related to our Tubing Conveyed System

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