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Optimizing Fracturing Fluid Cleanup in the Bossier Sand Using Chemical Frac Tracers and Aggressive Gel Breaker Deployment

R. Sullivan, Anadarko Petroleum Corp.; R. Woodroof, ProTechnics Division, Core Laboratories; A. Steinberger-Glaser, R. Fielder, Anadarko Petroleum Corp.; M. Asadi, ProTechnics Division, Core Laboratories

Proper fluid and proppant placement are critical to a successful propped fracture stimulation treatment. Despite effective placement of the treatment, well performance is often detrimentally affected by incomplete gel breaking and fluid recovery. A technique employing a family of environmentally friendly, fracturing fluid compatible chemical tracers has been employed for quantifying segment-by-segment fracturing fluid recovery. Utilizing this technology, it is demonstrated that individual fluid segment cleanup and recovery can be enhanced by optimizing fracturing fluid selection and by using aggressive gel breaker deployment schemes. The validation of improvements in fracturing fluid cleanup and the resultant effects on well performance are presented using Bossier Sand case histories. Comparisons between crosslinked gel systems and between conventional and aggressive gel breaker deployment schemes are highlighted.

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