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Case 1

Mid-Continent Fracturing Treatment

A Mid-Continent operator routinely runs Zero Wash® tracer on completions to be certain that all portions of the reservoir are adequately stimulated. On several wells, including the case illustrated below, portions of the pay were unstimulated or understimulated and reserves that would have been bypassed were identified as recompletion candidates by Zero Wash® tracer technology.

The first tracer survey was run after the initial fracture stimulation treatment. The early proppant (2/3 of total sand volume) was traced with Sb-124 Zero Wash® (blue) and the late proppant (1/3 of total sand volume) was traced with Ir-192 Zero Wash® (red) tracer. Notice how the upper zone above x780 is severely understimulated. Less than adequate proppant concentrations were placed across this interval.

A bridge plug was set at x780 and the upper interval was restimulated with a smaller treatment. All of the second treatment's proppant was traced with Sc-46 Zero Wash® (yellow). Notice on the tracer survey run after the refrac that adequate proppant concentrations were placed across the upper interval. The production data indicate that this well's production was more than doubled by using and applying Zero Wash® tracer technology. When this type of well performance improvement is seen on only 10% of your completions, Zero Wash® tracer technology will return more than a 12:1 benefit to cost ratio (SPE 30794).

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