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SPECTRACHEM® is a patented chemical tracer technology uniquely designed to evaluate frac fluid flowback profiles and movement through the reservoir.

The SPECTRACHEM® service involves injecting individual Chemical Frac Tracers (CFT’s ) at low concentrations into different frac stages or segments of a single or multi-stage stimulation procedure. Subsequent flowback samples from treatment and offset wells are analyzed providing precise flowback profiles and offset well interference recognition.

SPECTRACHEM® tracers are routinely used to quantify and profile frac fluid clean-up and flowback efficiency over time. SPECTRACHEM® is also employed to track fluid movement through the reservoir and fracture from treatment well(s) to nearby offset well(s) for informed well spacing decisions.

SPECTRACHEM® is essential in understanding:

  • Zonal Flowback Profile in Multi-Stage Completions
  • Quantifiable Zonal Flowback Efficiency
  • Interwell/Offset Fluid Communication and Interference
  • Formation Ion Profile (Na, Ca, K, Mg, Cl)

Direct measurement of chemical response in treatment and offset wells provide the only means to determine many completion factors, and is routinely used for optimizing:

  • Fluid Flowback Procedures
  • Completion Strategy
  • Stimulation Fluid Design
  • Well Production
  • Well Spacing
  • Zonal Contribution
  • Zonal Isolation
  • Intelligent Well Performance

Samples collected according to a pre-determined sample schedule provide a chronological analysis of flowback. These samples are analyzed at ProTechnics' state of the art Chemical Tracer Laboratory in Houston, TX using proprietary processes and procedures in conjunction with analytical analysis capable of tracer detection to the low ppt range. Stringent quality control measures are in place to ensure the highest level of accuracy of all sample analyses.

SPECTRACHEM® tracers are compatible with commonly used stimulation fluids and are:

  • Health, Safety and Environmentally Friendly
  • Safe to Transport, Handle, Store and Dispose

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