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SpectraTek’s mission is to safely manufacture chemical and radioactive tracers for ProTechnics’ worldwide operation, which enable engineers to make optimization decisions that have achieved hydrocarbon production and efficiency gains never before possible.

Since 1988, technicians and engineers have dedicated their livelihoods to developing patented ZeroWash proppant tracer, building an industry-leading portfolio of diagnostic tools, and creating processes that reduce risk.

Quality, efficiency, innovation, and compliance are critical to our team; only with a focus on these key areas can we ensure uninterrupted services to the oil and gas industry with ever-changing demands.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SpectraTek also serves the community by providing radiological calibration services to the State of New Mexico, University of New Mexico, and various local health centers. This combined in-house manufacturing, calibration, and safety infrastructure is what allows ProTechnics to continue being a trusted partner to clients and stakeholders alike.

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