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Rock Properties

Advanced Rock Properties

Rock Properties - Advanced Rock Properties services we provide include:

Geomechanical Properties


  • Capillary Pressure
  • Centrifuge Relative Permeability
  • Electrical Properties with Capillary Pressure Option
  • NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
  • Overburden Centrifuge Capillary Pressure
  • PC by Desorption Equilibrium
  • RwCore™
  • Unconventional Tight Gas Sand & Shale Analysis
  • Water Saturation Calculations
  • Wettability Determination

Flow Studies

  • Caprock Analysis
  • Chemical Flooding Tests
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Tests
  • PyroChromatography
  • Small Volume Oil Properties
  • Steady-State Relative Permeability - Composite
  • Steady-State Relative Permeability - Full-Diameter
  • Steady-State Relative Permeability by SMAX™
  • Steady-State Relative Permeability - Plugs
  • Unsteady-State Relative Permeability
  • Waterflood Tests

Formation Damage Evaluations

  • Formation Damage

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