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Rock Properties

Unconventional Reservoir Services - Tight Gas Sands

Capillary Pressure for Tight Gas Sands

Capillary Pressure Data Applications

  • Validate Log Sw model
  • Differentiate pay from non-pay
  • Evaluate transition zones and free-water level
  • Wettability determination
  • Determine port throat size distribution
  • Mud/filter design
  • Swanson and relative permeability calculation
  • Cap rock - seal capacity analysis

High-pressure mercury injection:
A rapid capillary pressure test for dried rock well suited for timely well decisions.

Water vapor desorption/adsorption:
With samples in a sealed environment, stepwise changes in controlled relative humidity can be used to generate drainage or imbibition capillary pressure curves. This technique extends the high pressure displacements to lower water saturations.

Capillary Pressure

Capillary Pressure

Capillary Pressure

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