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Dipole Sonic Log Calibration

Dipole Sonic Log Calibration for Mechanical Properties

Dipole sonic logs are often found to be inaccurate for predicting the mechanical properties of rocks in many reservoirs. These inaccuracies cause engineering failures including poor fracture designs and unreliable sand prediction analyses.

Static lab data matching reservoir conditions are required for reliable calibrations of dipole sonic logs.

These calibrations are successful in hundreds of wells worldwide and many different types of reservoirs.

  • Enhance well completion options with lab data
  • Improve well stimulation (hydraulic fracture design and selective perforation)
  • Optimize horizontal well placement
  • Predict reliable maximum drawdown pressure to maintain perforation hole stability and avoid sand production
  • Calibrate logs with new data such as angle of internal friction and poroelastic variability

Core Lab provides vital calibration data and engineering analyses for dipole sonic logs with a full-service geomechanics laboratory.

Dipole Sonic Log Calibration

Dipole Sonic Log Calibration

To estimate mechanical properties of reservoirs using only dynamic log data, assumptions must be made that the current reservoir contains "average reservoir rock". This is seldom an accurate assumption to make because properties are reservoir-specific. Static laboratory data from triaxial rock testing give realistic appraisals of formation mechanical properties under a variety of conditions

Dipole Sonic Log Calibration

Calibration of a dipole sonic log to laboratory data

  • Improves accuracy and reliability of predictions of mechanical properties at reservoir conditions
  • Provides new engineering data on formation strength (i.e., shear strength, angle of internal friction) that control drawdown pressure predictions
  • Calibrates to different failure modes such as thick-wall cylinder (TWC) test results
  • Corrects for artifacts in the log created by mud filtrate invasion and mechanical damage to the wellbore

Dipole Sonic Log Calibration

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