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CT Virtual Core3

CT Density modelling using the DICOM's from the (UltraScansm) where every voxel is segmented based on its relative density.

Surface of Core

CT Virtual Core: Panel




  • Surface effects created by the core external boundary must be eliminated to determine φfracture
  • The "area of interest" (AOI) is defined from each image slice (ex, a square or circle).
  • A hexahedron is created from the slices to define the "Region of interest" (ROI)
  • From the ROI we can run image analysis on the slices to define the open pore spaces. The net result is a binary file that has only the pore space (on) or rock (black/off).

CT Virtual Core Modeling.
This model is showing the open connected pores.

CT Virtual Core Modeling
This model is showing the open connected fractures / cleats in the coal sample along with calcite and pyrite.

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