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Unconventional Reservoir Services


Innovation for Accurate Evaluation

Nano Permeameter

The challenges faced by engineers and geoscientists evaluating unconventional reservoirs of the 21st century clearly demonstrate the necessity for data of the highest quality. It was a response to this client need that drove Core Laboratories to develop the Nano-PermTM. Every aspect of the instrumentation for the Nano-Perm was designed to provide the highest level of data confidence for evaluating sub-microdarcy permeability.

System Strengths
  • Precisely and accurately determines ultra-low permeability of potential natural gas and oil-shale reservoir
  • Applicable in liquid-rich, oil-shale reservoirs in the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Niobrara formations, among others
  • Accurate over a wide permeability range
  • Steady-state, inert-gas flow dynamics to generate data sets from which nanoscale permeability can be accurately calculated
  • Measured and calculated data sets are superior to permeability estimates from digitally imaged nanometer cubes
  • Allows evaluation of stress sensitivity (up to 10,000 psi net confining stress)

Nano Perm

Permeability vs NCS

This state of the art, steady-state device provides the flexibility to vary the confining stress from 1000 psig to 10,000 psig. Precise control of the flow rate makes it possible to build a robust data set which allows for a Klinkenberg corrected permeability

Steady State Nano-Permeameter

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