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Rock Properties

Unconventional Reservoir Services - Tight Gas Sands

21st Century Solutions to Permeability-Challenged Rock

Recent technological advances have removed some of the challenges presented by Tight Gas Sand reservoirs. Improved methods allow for:

  • Lower Permeability Limits
  • Shorter Analysis Time

Screen core plugs maintaining their saturation state
Quick Rock Properties provide Φ, Sw, Keffective without drying the rock.

Provide core measure parameters for reserves assessment
Rw correct for filtrate invasion and clay bound water
"m" and Qv from Saturated Rock Properties
"n" from Drainage Rock Properties

Capillary pressure water saturation model from measured Capillary Pressure Properties

Producibility Assessment using Core Analysis
Krg - Drainage and Imbibition Relative Permeability properties
Sg(crit) - Critical Gas Saturation identifying water saturation where gas flows
Sgt - Counter Current Imbibition identifying the water saturation with imbibition where gas is trapped

Tight Gas Sands
Grains, Pores, and Pore Throats in Unconventional Tight Rock

Optimized fracture design
Core measured, reservoir specific, static & dynamic (E) Young's Modulus and (v) Poisson's Ratio

Formation stress and fracture gradients

Tight Gas Sands Protocol

Tight Gas Sands

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