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Wellsite Services

Wellsite Core Characterization & Sampling Services

Welliste Characterization is a set of analytical series available at the wellsite to generate "early time" data to aid in initial evaluation of the core and the formation properties. This is especially important when the well is in a remote location or when "core again" decisions need to be made at the wellsite or when long transportation times of the core are encountered.

Wellsite Core Characterization & Sampling Services includes:

WellSite Gamma

This gamma unit is API calibrated and can measure both Total and Spectral gamma responses. The data can be used to make "core again" decisions and aid in the understanding of reservoir quality. The service can also be configured to determine the quality of the core while in the liner.

End-cut / Sample Photography

Since the cores may be retained in the disposable liner and cannot be viewed early information can be of value. Photographs of the end-cut of the cores can prove valuable in understanding the condition of the core material and an early indication of the reservoir quality. Digital images can be collected in natural light or under UV light to document hydrocarbon shows.

End Chips

End chips of the core segments can be collected and forwarded to the lab ahead of the core. A full range of analytical services can be performed to provide early time data to determine reservoir quality, mineralogy and quantity of the fluid saturations present in the core. This data can be of value when cores are taken in remote locations and therefore will take time to transport to the lab for evaluation.

Whole Core

We provide collection and preservation of representative Whole Core samples for advanced analytical services. Wellsite preservation insures the wettability and initial fluid saturation of the rock are preserved for both routine and special cores analysis testing. We have multiple methods to use dependent on the formation and fluid types encountered.

Plug Acquisition

We can provide the acquisition of plugs at the wellsite for analysis of the. These samples can be acquired at the wellsite and transported to a lab for routine and special core analysis services. This data can be of value when cores are taken in remote locations and therefore will take time to transport to the lab for evaluation. We also offer routine and some specialized analytical procedures be run at the remote location in portable labs.

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