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Wellsite Services

Wellsite Mud Tracing Services

Mud tracing services are used to provide a method to determine the amount of invasion into a core during the coring operation. This evaluation is made by tracing the mud system with Tritium (Invasion Profiler service) Deuterium Oxide, or Salts/Nitrates. The amount of "tracer" can then be measured in the core and the water saturation corrected for the invaded water.

Wellsite Mud Tracing Services includes:

Deuterium Oxide

High concentrations of Deuterium Oxide can be used to trace water base mud systems. The fluid samples collected by standard analysis will be used to determine the concentrations of DO and then correct the water saturation data set.


High concentrations of Salts and/or Nitrates can be added to the water base mud systems. The amount of Salts or Nitrates can be determined by leaching the volume left in the core. The final water saturation data can be corrected for the volume of invasion.

Invasion Profiler Services

Invasion Profiler is a service that uses tritium as the tracing agent in water based mud systems. Since tritium does not exist naturally small volumes can be added to the water base mud systems to determine invasion of the coring fluid and correct the final core water saturation. We also offer a unique proprietary tracer for oil based mud systems. These services are the gold standard of tracer evaluation techniques

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