CFR Engines and Analyzers

CFR F-1/F-2 Combination (Research and Motor method) Octane Raiting Unit
The model F-1/F-2 Combination CFR engine is used to determine the octane quality of gasoline and fuel blending components. This unit is recognized and approved by ASTM D2699 and D2700. Unit is equipped with a heavy duty CFR-48D type crankcase, variable compression cylinder, carburetor with adjustable fuel to air ratio, and knock measurement equipment.

When ordering a CFR engine the following equipment is included:

  • CFR48D Crankcase
  • Instrument Panel & Desk
  • Compression Ratio Change Motor
  • Adjustable Motor Base
  • Three Phase Synchronous Motor
  • Intake Air Refrigeration Unit (IAR)
  • Four Bowl Carburetor
  • Detonation Meter and Pickup
  • Knockmeter and Cables
  • Temperature Controller and Thermistor(s)
  • Safety Switch
  • Belt Guard
  • Digital Timing Indicator
  • Standard Documentation

CFR F-5 Cetane Method Diesel Fuel Rating Unit
The model F-5 CFR engine is a complete system for diesel fuel cetane number determination, conforming to ASTM D613 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil. This method is accepted worldwide as the standard for determining the ignition quality of diesel fuels.

The CFR supercharge engine includes the following equipment:

  • CFR48D Crankcase with Fuel Injection
  • Console Panel
  • Three Phase Synchronous Motor
  • Dual Digital Cetane Meter
  • Pickups and Cables
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Temperature Controller
  • Fuel Shutoff Solenoid
  • Safety Switch
  • Water Cooled Exhaust System
  • Belt Guard

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