Laboratory Applications

Core Laboratories provides a full range of support equipment including laboratory analyzers, intake air refrigeration units, and reference fuel boards are designed to facilitate the testing and rating of sample fuels. In coordination, they provide a consistent, reliable platform upon which the laboratory may test its component and final blends.

LABCON 6 - Laboratory CRF Engine Octane Analyzer
LABCON 6, in conjunction with a CFR knock test engine, automatically determines the research or motor octane number of finished gasolines and gasoline components. LABCON 6 provides the precision and accuracy demanded by today's testing requirements. LABCON 6 provides the means to generate a more accurate octane number than previously available.

A specially designed microvalve carburetor automatically adjusts the fuel to air ratio and a proprietary algorithm determines the critical maximum knock intensity. A sample shelf and pumps allow LABCON 6 to sequentially rate up to four samples without operator assistance. The LABCON 6 system can also perform toluene standardization fuel ratings. It compares the actual ratings with Toluene tables and flags all ratings that fall outside the acceptable limits. Operation is simplified by displaying temperature tuning limits for Research and Motor methods. Additionally, LABCON 6 automatically compensates the compression ratio using an internal barometric pressure sensor. LABCON 6 increases production efficiency by allowing the personnel to operate more than one engine, or to focus on other laboratory tasks. The system has minimal calibration requirements, therefore can be operated with minimal maintenance.

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  • Determines Research or Motor Method Octane Numbers
  • Utilizes Bracketing or CR Method Rating Approach
  • Provides Prototype Tank Calibration Procedure
  • Sequentially Rates Up To 4 Samples Unattended
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Compatible
  • Automatically Controls Compression Ratio and Fuel To Air Ratio
  • Automatically Compensates Compression Ratio Using Internal Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Provides Menu Driven Operator Interface with Graphical Knock Intensity Trace
  • Includes Sample Shelf with 4 Sample Probes
  • Includes Engine Stability Check Routine
  • Provides Context Sensitive Online Help
  • Maintains Sample History by Sample Identifier
  • Printer sold separately

Intake Air Refrigeration Unit
The Intake Air Refrigeration Unit (IAR) is a mechanical cooling system replacing the ice tower previously used with ASTM research and motor method octane testing engines. It provides chilled and dehumidified air to either laboratory or on-line octane analysis engines eliminating the need for an ice machine and the physical handling of ice. It also handles the fuel chilling requirements for laboratory engines through circulating available coolant through the carburetor cooling devices.

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The Intake Air Refrigeration Unit comes with the following components:

  • Enclosure- A compact, steel, modular unit for housing the equipment.
  • Coolant Chiller- An air-cooled refrigeration unit with sealed compressor and thermostatic control.
  • Circulating Pump - A centrifugal pump with continuous-duty motor in an integral coolant reservoir.
  • Dehumidification Chamber - A tube-and-fin heat exchanger unit assembled in a styrofoam insulated plenum. A water/ethylene glycol coolant is circulated through the exchanger and the engine air passes over the fins for dehumidification at approximately 32ºF to 35ºF. The plenum includes a condensate pan and drain line.
  • Air Filter - An automotive type paper filter cartridge cleans the engine air before it enters the plenum.
  • Fuel Cooling Accessories - Two hoses equipped with quick-disconnect couplings for fast on/off connection to the carburetor cooling chambers are provided along with mating connectors for installation on the carburetor.

  • Dehumidifies air for the ASTM engine for research and motor methods
  • Filters ambient air
  • Dual-function air humidity control ad carburetor fuel cooling
  • Low maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for and handling of ice

Reference Fuel System
The Reference Fuel Dispensing System is used for the blending of primary or secondary reference fuels and standardization fuels. These blended fuels are required for the calibration and standardization of ASTM engines for research, motor, and cetane method determinations. It provides the means for pumping these materials from containers in a remote storage area to burettes mounted on a dispensing panel in the engine laboratory. burettes manufactured to ASTM design specifications feature automatic-zero and minimum diameter calibration sections for accurate reading. Flow restricted, dripless spout dispensing valve provide optimum blend accuracy with inherent handling safety.

The complete reference fuel panel is provide in two configurations; one with two burette stations, and the other for up to six burette stations. Custom configurations are available upon request.

The Reference Fuel System comes with burette mounting stations (complete with burettes), fuel pump panel, and drum probes and fitting assemblies.

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Dilute Antiknock Compound Blending Hood
The Dilute Antiknock Compound Blending Hood is used for handling, dispensing, and storing the liters of dilute antiknock compounds required by laboratories for research- and motor-method octane ratings. The blending hood supplies ventilation for fume removal from the hood enclosure and the storage cabinet.

Humidity Guarantee Apparatus
The Humidity Guarantee Apparatus is designed for environments of low humidity below the required 25 grains per pound of dry air (required by ASTM for D2699 and D2700). The device installs into the Intake Air Refrigeration Unit Model 8042. It replaces the standard air filter and provides a fine mist to the plenum of the IAR Unit. This apparatus include a bypass valve to redirect a portion of coolant flow from the plenum to increase the cooling effect at the carburetor.


  • Delivers required moisture to the IAR Plenum
  • Water delivery is 0.06 gal/min (227 ml/min)
  • Excess water is returned to a drain for recovery
  • Case material: 6.36 mm Polyvinyl Plastic
  • Water Line Material: 9 feet (2.74 m) x 1/4 inch (6.36 mm) Teflon plastic line connected to brass fittings and copper tubing
  • Mist Nozzles: Dual nozzles have a removable screen cage (120-mesh) that can be cleaned or replaced. Mist is atomized at 60-100 micron droplets
  • Air Filter is removable and is an automotive standard
  • Can be connected to engine cooling water without additional valves
  • Related Equipment: Model SA-14305 Specific Humidity Indicator Kit

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