Octane Analysis

Octane Analysis

Core Laboratories offers octane analysis equipment for both on-line and laboratory applications. On-line analysis systems are offered in both single-engine and multiple-engine configurations. Laboratory analyzers are offered in a single-engine multi-sample configuration.

We also provides services such as the Standard Fuel Program for peer review of fuel octane rating results.

Please contact us for more information on services directly related to octane analysis and equipment availability.

On-Line Blending Analyzers
On-line blending analyzers are designed to be integrated into the blending units within the refinery itself. They interpret data from the blenders, respond to commands by the operators themselves, and send instruction to the blenders for optimization of the blends. Through proper use of the On-Line Blending Analyzers, a refinery can maintain efficiency and precision in the blend control.

Laboratory Applications
Core Laboratories provides a full range of support equipment including laboratory analyzers, intake air refrigeration units, and reference fuel boards are designed to facilitate the testing and rating of sample fuels. In coordination, they provide a consistent, reliable platform upon which the laboratory may test its component and final blends.

Standard Fuel Program
The standard fuel program is designed to allow refineries to certify their blends using a cooperative of up to 30 participants. The samples are distributed to the participating members, they are analyzed using both ASTM Methods D2699 and D2700 for Octane Determination, and their results are submitted. Compiled reports are distributed through the member group so the originating refinery has a common consensus on the rating of the fuel, and the participating members have an analysis of how their engines rate in comparison with other refineries in the cooperative.

Training Courses
Technicians are available to provide customer support in any manner related to CFR engines, maintenance, operation, or to any of the support products offered. On-site as well as off-site services are available for site evaluation, systems maintenance, as well as training services.

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