On-Line Blending Analyzers

On-Line Blending Analyzers are designed to be integrated into the blending units within the refinery itself. They interpret data from the blenders, respond to commands by the operators themselves, and send instruction to the blenders for optimization of the blends. Through proper use of the On-Line Blending Analyzers, a refinery can maintain efficiency and precision in the blend control.

COMOC 6 Online Analyzer System
COMOC 6 is Core Laboratories premier Complete Web Based Multiple Engine Online Analyzers System a successor and direct replacement to the industry standard COMOC V & COMOC III. Utilizing Windows® 7 based operating software provides modern easy to use interface and rugged engine console requires minimum maintenance. COMOC 6 is compatible with Honeywell Experion industrial control platform via Digital & Analog I/O or OPC. Analyzers operates MS-SQL Server to control up to (10) ten online engines and interface with up to (3) three blenders. COMOC 6 console, data server and engine hardware are designed with reliability in mind.


  • Simultaneous Operation of up to 10 Engines and 3 Blenders
  • Computerized On-Line Octane Analysis by Research and Motor Method - COMOC-6 meets ASTM D2885 standards
  • Simple User Friendly Computer Interface - System operation is web browser based and the Open Network Architecture allow for additional control and monitoring consoles to be added at any time
  • Flexible Output Control Signals - Provides octane deviation from target, prototype fuels, or an absolute octane number
  • User Security - The data server restricts operators to certain functions by using login IDs and passwords
  • Provides All Necessary Engine Analyzer Functions - Prototype fuel calibration, system qualification checkout, AMS QC check and analyzer calibration procedures are integrated into the system
  • Easy to Maintain - COMOC-6 utilizes off-the-shelf computer hardware and provides I/O diagnostic software
  • Automated Fuel Air Determination - The system finds and records fuel to air ratios for operating at standard knock intensity

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Model 8200 Octane Analyzer
The Model 8200 on-line Octane Analyzer is used for the continuous, accurate and reliable determination of blended gasoline octane numbers. The 8200 analyzer is fully compliant with ASTM D2699, D2700 and D2885. The Model 8200 is mounted directly to a CFR engine and includes all necessary engine accessories along with all analog and digital input/outputs needed for on-line analysis. The analyzer interfaces to an in-line blending system to enable octane control of gasoline blends.


  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to maintain with built-in diagnostics
  • Accurate on-line determination of delta octane or absolute octane number
  • Automatic proto / product fuel-to-air ratio determination
  • Operates in conjunction with a CFR Engines Inc. knock test engine
  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Mounts in place of the engine console desk (does not require floor space)
  • Interfaces to blend control computer systems
  • Cost effective
  • Configurable to client requirements

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