VPSSV Pump 300 ml 1000 bar

VPSSV 300/1000

This equipment is specially designed to inject in continuous flow. It’s composed of a simple screw pump. The volume of the pump is 300 ml.

The pump, with a synoptic (FALCON software) or with electric cabinet, can be controlled and log the value of the different parameters (pressure, volume, temperature, flow rate).

The pump can run the following operations::

  • Constant flow
  • Constant pressure
  • Predefined volume at constant flow

One piston pump is composed of:

  • One chamber in stainless steel with packing
  • One calibrated piston
  • One driving piston system (movements executed by a gear box with a --brushless motor and high accuracy absolute encoder

The VPSSV 300-1000 has absolute pressure sensor and a safety manometer in stainless steel can be added as option.

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