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Holds, tanks, transport, containers inspections

A key element of damage prevention. Services include verification of fitness to receive and carry cargo, and water tightness.

Load and discharge surveys

Our continuous attendance, real time reporting, timely issuance of letters of reserves or protest, safeguard your interests at all times.

Quantity determination as per applicable rules (GAFTA / FOSFA / others)

Calibration checks, weighing supervision, tallies, draft surveys, following industry standards and best practice, and avoiding claims and disputes.

Sampling as per applicable rules (GAFTA / FOSFA / others)

Arguably the most sensitive part of the inspection process, professional sampling is essential to make sure that the tested samples truly represent to the best possible extent the whole lot they come from.

Testing at accredited laboratories, as per required standards and methods.

Using accredited facilities among our network of own and partner laboratories, we are fully committed to accurate results.

Terminals intake / loading supervision (at ports and inland)

Our permanent presence and exacting weighing supervision, sampling, and testing processes ensure a full reconciliation of intake and outtake, mitigating risks through our independent intervention.

Inventory and collateral monitoring

Our stock verification and monitoring services, together with real time data reporting, build the trust that is indispensable to effective trade finance.


With a deeply ingrained culture of customer benefits through strict performance commitments, we aim to be evaluated on the basis of punctual and ever improving execution

Enhancing efficiencies and

liberating the value of data.

Digital Delivery

All-digital on-site inspection and testing data collection and consolidation.

Updates & data-sharing: inspection, testing, and performance data available online and in digital format.

Customised reports for performance, quality, terminals/storage.

Data you can use, the way you want it!

Protecting your interest

TIC Council founding member and Commodities Committee Sponsor.

ISO 17025 / 17020 accreditations, FOSFA / GAFTA recognitions, in selected locations.

Proud service provider to the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize laureate World Food Programme.

Servicing biofuels and other agribusiness clients since 1990's

We are now offering these benefits to an expanding agricultural commodities clients base, across products and geographies.

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