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Metrology and Calibration

Metrology and Calibration

Saybolt Kalibra

your reliable partner in tank calibration

Why go for Accuracy?

Oil means money, a lot of money, making it essential that measurements and calibrations are carried out with the utmost precision. Precision is the only way to prevent a lot of oil, thus a lot of money from “disappearing”.


The secret of this precision lies in a small case that contains a laser theodolite and a laptop. Whether static or dynamic, a storage tank’s capacity can be measured using a laser theodolite (Electro-Optical Distance Ranging). Based on this data, Saybolt Kalibra is able to calculate and draw up a tank chart unique to each tank, using specially developed software.

The combination of EODR and unique Saybolt Kalibra software ensures that client’s receive the best and most reliable results possible, with enhanced accuracy up to +/- 0.02% of volume, minimum disruption to their production processes, real-time availability of preliminary EODR on-site tank charts, and all necessary volume corrections for deadwood, liquid head stress (hydrostatic pressure), and tank wall temperature.


Safe tank operations require maximum filling levels to be stated unequivocally. Saybolt Kalibra can also carry out an additional service to work out the level to which a tank can continue to be used safely.


After measurements have been taken, you will receive a file containing a record of all the relevant information. You can insert adjustments to this file yourself, possibly additional safety margins specific to your own company, pump speed data, and valve actuation times.

Out of Round measurements

Saybolt Kalibra also performs professional and efficient “out of round” measurements for cylindrical tanks which, as a result of more stringent emissions requirements, are more frequently being fitted with floating roofs. As there is rarely such thing as a perfectly smooth horizontal cross-section to an upright cylindrical tank, floating roofs needs to be custom-made.

An “out of round” measurement, Kalibra uses EODR to determine the true shape of the storage tank, and this information forms the basis for construction of the custom-made roof and the seals.


Saybolt Kalibra provides metrology services across the widest possible range of liquid volume measurement techniques and flow related instrumentation, including the calibration of meter measuring systems, meter proving, storage tank calibration, full instrumentation maintenance packages and training programs.

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