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Mission and Vision

Terms & Conditions

Fast. To the point.

It is Saybolt's mission to provide a fast, accurate, professional, independent and efficient service in a manner that reflects total commitment to today’s most exacting standards.

Saybolt will support and provide added value to customers and stakeholders by being focused and attentive to their needs in the global marketplace, whilst being recognised by both our employees and the industry for excellence, integrity and reliability.

We will ensure a safe, pleasant and friendly work environment for our employees, encouraging them to achieve maximum fulfilment and growth, and to be recognised as well-trained, trustworthy and quality-oriented personnel.

Saybolt will reach out for new technical opportunities to broaden horizons, utilising all available resources and by the provision of a responsive communication channel for innovative ideas and constructive criticism. Maintenance of a strong organisation through mutual respect and support is a pre-requisite of Saybolt’s culture, supported by financial security, superior profitability and stable growth sustained by enhanced sales volume and effective cost controls at all levels.

Every Day a Client Day

Saybolt will approach each day’s challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and a positive attitude; our staff will make “Every Day a Client Day”.

Our vision

Our vision is straightforward: We facilitate your trade and transport requirements, without delay. For the last 100 years we have specialized in Oil, Gas & Chemicals and other Energy resources. The knowledge, experience and proficiency of our experts demonstrates the Saybolt competitive advantage, day by day.

In our changing environment, the management of our business is a major challenge to all involved in our company. We are encouraged to retain, and increase, our market share when international trade is constrained by many factors. Within Saybolt we believe we have achieved an exceptional organisational understanding of all current issues, empowering us with the conviction to assure you that, as your service provider, you can have confidence in all our activities.

The best in our industry

To Saybolt, Customer Service means the ability to constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and need. We manage our systems and resources so that we offer our clients a level of responsiveness and accessibility that is preeminent in our industry.

Throughout our organization we focus on continuous improvement in three areas: Customer Friendliness, Employee Commitment to customer service, and a constant Customer Dialog.

The speed with which we deliver fast and accurate inspection and testing details is a pivotal role in a current dynamic and fluctuating market; we concentrate on maximising the promptness of reporting whilst safeguarding quality, and endeavour to become the world leader by providing not only the best, but also the quickest, service.

Data access without delay

Your voice counts. All our operations are supported by global IT systems designed to quickly overview your orders without delay and on-line. We will consolidate all your operational quality and quantity data, using Six Sigma to continuously improve our service delivery and embedded key performance indicators (KPI’ s) to evaluate the pace of your logistic processes.

Saybolt's business vision at a glance

  • Facilitating your trade and transport requirements, without delay
  • Our experts bring you competitive advantage
  • We offer responsiveness and accessibility
  • We operate on-site, where the commodities and installations are
  • Your samples are tested by our extensive laboratory network
  • You have on-line access through our Global IT systems
  • We use 6 Sigma and built-in key performance indicators
  • You benefit from our ‘one contact – one bill’ concept
  • Saybolt: Fast. To the Point!

Co-ordination of all activities

We support the ‘one contact – one bill’ concept for clients with widespread global operations. This unique service is offered by our International Desks in Rotterdam and Houston. Send them all your nominations and they will arrange and co-ordinate all activities, including reporting, progress update and invoicing. Access to our network has never been easier and more convenient.

Highly customized service level

We instill in our management and staff the requirement that they "listen" to what our clients say, that they consider all issues impartially, and that they "talk" to clients face-to-face rather than send impersonal e-mails. We want to share in your business, to learn what you require, to provide you with sound business solutions, and to ensure you have a good experience working with Saybolt.

Business access to the Saybolt organization is made as easy as possible. For global contracts, our global sales contacts are promptly available to profile your agreement and manage all your requirements.