Conventional Flow Studies: Dynamic Fluid Loss, Retained Permeability, Critical Velocity

In addition to standard core holders, dynamic fluid loss core cells are available in various configurations for performing fluid loss measurements, retained permeability after exposure to mud systems or fracturing fluids.  Cell configurations and equipment are available to perform critical velocity flow studies to evaluate the effect of production or fluid injection rates on formation permeability and determine critical rates where damage may occur.  Core cells are available with multiple pressure taps to allow more in-depth analysis of the changes in permeability within the rock matrix.  Some cells are configurable to hold gravel packs with the ability to evaluate sand invasion and amount of solids passing through the gravel pack.  This aids in proper sand/proppant size selection for high rate production. Equipment is modular to allow various configurations to simulate most production and stimulation treatments. Wetted parts of several holders are machined from corrosion resistant Hastelloy for acidizing studies.

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