Predict-K Tip of the Month

Month Message
July 2021 Proppant Consortium Meeting Posting
March 2021 Proppant Consortium Meeting Posting
August 2020 Proppant Consortium Meeting Posting
March 2020 Predict-K 20.3
February 2020 Proppant Consortium Meeting Posting
August 2019 Proppant Consortium Meeting Posting
February 2019 Consortium Meeting Videos & Latest Software Posted
December 2018 Predict-K 18.12
September 2018 Predict-K 18.9
August 2018 Predict-K 18.7
July 2018 Propped Fracture Length
June 2018 Baseline Conductivity Mode
May 2018 Proppant Correlation Mode
April 2018 Using Proppant Manager Databases
March 2018 Water Production
January 2018 Economics Analysis in Predict-K
December 2017 Downhole Conductivity
November 2017 Proppant Report
October 2017 Updated Optimization Options
September 2017 Updated Treatments Tab
August 2017 Predict-K 17.7
July 2017 Sieve Distribution
June 2017 Evaluating the Value of Cluster Efficiency
May 2017 Damage Reports
April 2017 Identifying Changes in Production Potential
March 2017 Flow Control
February 2017 Proppant Manager
January 2017 2017 Hydraulic Fracturing Conference
December 2016 Generic Proppant Correlations
November 2016 Optimizing Fracture Spacing
October 2016 Proppant Consortium Website
September 2016 Exporting Data
August 2016 Predict-K and Proppant Manager 16.7
July 2016 Improving Predict-K Chart Utility and Appearance
June 2016 Closure Stress vs Time Graphic
May 2016 Hidden Advantages of Quick Entry
April 2016 Initial Skin and Cleanup Time
March 2016 Zooming In & Out On Graphs

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