Proppant Consortium


The Stim-Lab Proppant Consortium is now into its 37th year of investigating methods to optimize recovery from hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells.

The Consortium research and study is directed at “The Investigation of the Effects of Environmental Conditions and Fluids on Fracture Conductivity” and per the Consortium Charter to:

  • Describe and predict the behavior of proppants under realistic downhole conditions, and
  • Provide tools to compare proppants and predict expected well productivity to permit economic decisions.

All Consortium research and studies are based upon a consensus of opinion voiced at scheduled meetings or by ballots submitted by the 40+ member companies. Member companies include operators, service companies, proppant suppliers and chemical companies.

The Consortium group meets two times per year to receive research updates and to discuss future testing criteria. These meetings offer a valuable opportunity to network with other industry professionals active and knowledgeable in hydraulic fracturing. The first meeting of a Program year is generally held in July, with the final meeting in February of the subsequent year.

Benefits of Consortium Membership

  • Immediate access to 30 years of proppant/fluid/fracturing research and study
  • Networking and access to community of industry professionals with expertise in HF
  • Diverse membership of both domestic and international operators, service companies, and proppant suppliers
  • Research and studies are member directed
  • Independent non-biased approach to research
  • New insights into proppant /fluid/substrate behaviors as research progresses
  • Access to updated Predict-K (PDK) and Proppant Manager (PM)

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