Routine Rock Analysis

Rock Analysis

Routine Rock Analysis is the starting point for the wide range of studies conducted at Stim-Lab. The processes are started by the following services:

Core Gamma (total and spectral) Accurate placement of the cored section within the well bore is only possible with a high quality gamma measured in the laboratory. The latest technology for measurement of natural gamma radiation, both total and spectral, is available to the client through the technicians at Core Laboratories.

Slabbing Much of the knowledge to be gained from core recovered in a particular reservoir is gained through a detailed study of depositional environment. This may be done while looking at the core directly or with digital images. Most geologists prefer a slabbed surface for a careful, detailed examination of the core. Photography also is normally done after the core has been slabbed. The rock type and condition will determine the proper saw and blade selection. The fluid used as a coolant and lubricant is chosen to enhance cutting efficiency and reduce damage to the core.

Services Offered:
  • Drilling plugs
  • Core Slabbing
  • Core photography (white, standard, regular and uv)
  • Core gamma logging
  • Extractions

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