Rheological Characterization


Stim-Lab has designed and built specialized testing equipment that bridges the gap between laboratory size and field size equipment. Field size mixing equipment consisting of 3,000 feet of one inch coiled tubing and a stainless steel heat exchanger unit utilizing 820 feet of one inch stainless steel pipe are used to match a desired shear history prior to measuring rheology and proppant transport. Measurement options include an API pipe rheology loop through four sizes of pipe and through various high pressure and high temperature fracture slots are available to accurately measure rheological properties of the hydraulic fracturing fluids and to evaluate proppant transport under dynamic static conditions and with temperatures up to 300°F.

We utilize a number of rheometers in testing fluid rheology to measure the rheological properties of hydraulic fracturing fluids under a wide range of shear rates. They are as follows:

Rheology Process:
Rheology Process
  • Fann model 50 viscometer
  • Break testing
  • Fluid stability
  • Fan 35

As a result of years of research during our Rheology consortium, we have the equipment, knowledge, and ability to conduct larger scale testing. Specialized testing is also available.

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