Predict-K Training Videos

1. How to obtain your license for Predict-K and Proppant Manager

2. Predict-K Main Screen

3. Quick Entry

4. Predict-K General Structure

5. Creating a new Proppant Manager Database

6. Running the Proppant Manager Correlations

7. Exporting Proppant Manager Results to Predict-K

8. Baseline Conductivity

Click here for Demonstration Base Project (Videos 8-9)

9. Dynamic Conductivity

10. Production Analysis Introduction

Click here for Production Base Project

11. Adding Production Data to Predict-K

Click here for Demonstration Base Project

Click here for Simulated Production Data

12. Matching Production Data

13. Changing Default Units

14. Treatment Options

15. Working with Plots

16. Creating a Database from Published Data

17. Sharing a Proppant Manager Database

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